President Vizcarra Asks For Unity And Join Efforts Against Poverty


The Head of State manifested his will to fight corruption in the country.

Martín Vizcarra made a call for the unity of Peruvians to work together to fight poverty in the country, which increased one percentage point in 2017 to stand at 21.7%, according to official figures.

The National Household Survey, applied by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), revealed that in 2017 poverty increased by 375,000 people, that is, one percentage point more than in 2016, and affected 6,906,000 Peruvians.

This increase translates into the first one to suffer Peru on the present millennium, wrote El Peruano.

“The Head of State said that it is unacceptable that poverty has increased since the trend should be to decrease it every year and reverse these indicators with the efforts of all.”, you can read in this media.

To the President, it is not acceptable that there are 375,000 people living in poor conditions. “We need to strengthen a new strategy to fight poverty”, he said to El Peruano, adding that the efforts to eradicate rural poverty should be reinforced.

In addition, the Head of State ratified the need to fight corruption head-on because “it slows the country’s development” and assured that from his government he will support investigations with a view to sanctioning this scourge, El Peruano informed.

He also outlined the will of his government to avoid impunity and the effort to determine responsibilities in identified corruption cases in the country.

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