Prosecution Found Documents On Pardon To Fujimori At PPK’s House


The findings will be evaluated by other prosecutors in the context of a separate investigation to the Odebrecht case.

The special team of the Public Prosecutor’s Office that investigates all of the complaints related to the Lava Jato Case placed at the disposal of the National Preparatory Investigation Court Specialized in Corruption Offenses of Officials documents related to the pardon to former President Alberto Fujimori that were found in the house of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK).

The prosecution team, led by Hamilton Castro, found this documentation in one of the homes of PPK during the raid that took place on March 24 this year, said El Comercio.

Having considered that these documents linked to the pardon in favor of Alberto Fujimori are not relevant to the investigation of alleged bribes that Odebrecht undertook to access bids in Peru, the special team considered that they should be evaluated by another competent body of the Public Prosecutor’s Office within the context of another investigation that may need this material.

Alberto Fujimori received a humanitarian pardon from PPK on December 24, 2017, amid accusations by those who opposed this presidential pardon of having negotiated the pardon in exchange for the abstentions of the congressional group allied to Kenji Fujimori during the debate on the first vacancy motion against Kuczynski.”, wrote El Comercio.

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