Rodrigo Huaroto: A Fashion-Design Student Hopes To Thrive In China


Rodrigo Huaroto is a 24-year-old Peruvian fashion designer that lives in China. His challenge is to figure out what it means for him being Peruvian in the Asian country and pay a tribute to his cultural heritage.

“With more than one million inhabitants, San Juan de Lurigancho is the most populated district of Peru. Their neighbors are, mostly, migrant families from the provinces. There, in a house of the Las Flores neighborhood, lives Rodrigo Huaroto, a fashion design student.

He recently decided to apply for the International Youth Design Competition Beijing 2018, an international fashion contest with great prestige, with his collection “Spirit of the Andes”, that mixes a modern style with the ancestral Peruvian culture, said El Peruano.

“Sometimes I think that Rodrigo took out his job as a designer from his grandmother Juana. That is how she maintained us back then and now he will do it as a professional,” the designer’s mother, Ana Landaveri, told the media.

Although she resisted the idea for a year, Ana realized that studying fashion was what her son really wanted because from childhood he always drew, read and liked to express himself in different ways. She then enrolled him in the Toulouse Lautrec Institute two years ago.

“My designs seek to attract attention, revalue the Peruvian identity and, at the same time, help me find my identity as a designer. It is a daily search”, said Rodrigo.

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