Satellite Images Of Peru Will Identify The Regions’ Potential


Yesterday, the Ministry of the Environment (Minam) and the Ministry of Defense (Mindef) presented the Mosaic Satellite Images of Peru, an informative digital instrument composed of 680 SPOT satellite images that allow an approximate resolution of 1.5 meters, the highest employed in the country, and that will increase the precision in the processes related to territorial management.

The High-Resolution Satellite Images Mosaic will be available for promoting the development of territorial management instruments such as ecological and economic zoning, and also risk and vulnerability management, which generates information on the physical, biological and socioeconomic indicators to identify the potentialities and weaknesses of a territory, according to La República.

“In the elaboration of the mosaic, a total of 680 high-resolution SPOT satellite images of the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 were used. The MANATÍ supercomputer facilitated the obtaining of the mosaic in a short time and with high quality”, the media informed.

With the Mosaic Satellite Images, regional and local governments can count on more accurate information data to make sound decisions about the use of land and natural resources, achieving the optimal development of their regions and their population.

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