Startups’ Return On Investment In Peru Is Estimated At Two Years


Startups in Peru are focused mostly on the fintech, or financial technology, areas, or on digital transformation, and experts estimate their return on investment in two years.

Debbie Jaffe, executive director of Endeavor Peru, pointed out that there is a very high risk from the capital market funds that invest in a startup. However, she estimated that the return on investment of this type of technological enterprise is of two years”, informed Gestión.

Jaffe said that in Peru there still isn’t a reference of angel investments or seed capital but there is an important number in investments on startups.

The executive of Endeavor also commented that the expectation of the risk funds is that of a portfolio of 10 startups in which they decide to invest at least one of these has a great success, in terms of turnover, employment generation and life extension.

“Through a regional study on artificial intelligence in the region, the director of technology of Everis Peru, César Adán Pedros, explained that in Peru the most interested in startups are angel investors and those who grant seed capital”, said Gestión.

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