The Peruvian Economy Grew 7.81% In April


In April of this year, the national production grew 7.81%, which registered 105 months of continuous expansion, reported the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), as you can read in El Peruano.

According to INEI, this positive result is the product of a favorable evolution of every sector of the Peruvian economy: manufacturing, agriculture, commerce, construction, transport, storage and courier services, and fishing.

“In addition, in the period January-April 2018, the national production increased 4.40% and during the last twelve months, May 2017-April 2018, it reached a growth of 3.31%”, El Peruano wrote.

Another reason for the increase in economic activity in the country can be explained by the positive evolution of household consumption reflected in higher retail sales by 3.15%, consumer loans by 7.49%, and imports of non-durable consumer goods by 14.03%.

As well, the total exports increased by 17.40%. “By disaggregating the positive evolution of economic activity, INEI said that it was based on the favorable performance of external demand for traditional products (14.05%) such as copper, zinc, silver, coffee, and natural gas, as well as non-traditional products (27.5%), among which stood out the fishing, agricultural, iron and steel, non-metallic mining, chemical and textile products”, explained El Peruano.

The Peruvian economy has been registering 105 months of continuous growth. In March it equaled to 3.93%, accumulating in the first quarter an increase of 3.22%.

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