Vizcarra Announces A Reform Before The Justice Crisis


Martín Vizcarra, President of Peru, announced on Wednesday the formation of a commission for a “political reform, the State, and the judicial system” after a serious crisis of justice unleashed over the weekend.

“Since late Sunday, audios of illegal negotiations and possible influence peddling among judges, members of the National Council of Magistrates and third parties have been broadcasted, said today El País.

The president of the Superior Court of Callao, Walter Ríos, and the Supreme Court judge César Hinostroza are the highest ranking magistrates who appear in 20 audios documenting irregular handling. They have both recognized their voices.

In addition, this media explains that in some of the recorded conversations the name of the President is mentioned. “We have a contact with Dr. Vizcarra to see some issues”, said an ex-judge in a dialogue with Hinostroza. According to the Head of State, he is mentioned in the recordings “without any sustenance or justification”.

IDL-Reporters was the digital research medium that broadcast 18 of the 20 audios. They said on Sunday that they had received the material anonymously, and the next day, the Public Ministry specified that the audios are the product of a telephone interception authorized by a court to investigate a criminal organization.

“On Monday and this Wednesday, President Vizcarra called the press to pronounce on the audios and denied knowing who mentioned him in the conversations”, you can read in El País.

The President also said that there will be a reform of the justice system so that it will be integrated by “honorable in the matter”.

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