Vizcarra’s Trip To New York Seeks To Consolidate Peru’s Image Before Investors


Very soon President Martín Vizcarra will visit the United States to attend a series of commitments and also to consolidate the country’s image before investors.

After an interview between El Peruano with the Minister of Foreign Trade, Roger Valencia, it was known that the city Vizcarra will be visiting will be New York. He also will be heading the delegation of the Pacific Alliance Summit.

“The fact that the President heads this delegation shows Peru’s willingness to continue in the construction of integration instruments that will allow us to develop a better future for the inhabitants of the four countries (Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico)”, Valencia told El Peruano.

This summit will take place on September 26 in the aforementioned city, within the framework of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The objective is to promote and generate investment opportunities and international business in the block.

According to Valencia, Peru will seek to increase connectivity between the four countries and promote strategic sectors, financial services, and cybersecurity within the group.

“In the first panel of the event, we will show what we are doing within the Pacific Alliance. In the second part of the event, we will analyze the financial integration of the four countries and the consolidation of the three levels of the group: tariff integration, capital mobilization and labor migration. In the third panel, we will have a global perspective, as we will talk about the integration of the associated countries”, explained Valencia.

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