Watch Paolo Guerrero’s Son Skiing (VIDEO)


“The Predator” says he would like him to be a football player,  but the boy seems to have other talents as well.

Yesterday Paolo Guerrero posted a video of his child skiing on his Instagram account. So far, the video has received more than 70,000 likes and most comments are positive, making funny statements about Paolo’s son skiing so well and highlighting how ironic it is that the son of the best player in the Peruvian team prefers another sport.

Swiping to the side people can see a picture of the boy holding a gold medal and what seems to be a diploma. He seems to be very happy with his performance while practicing the sport.

Although Guerrero seems to be enjoying his vacations, he has also been practicing for the World Cup. The big question is if the TAS will remove the 6-month punishment imposed by FIFA to the player (thanks to the reduction the sanction received a couple of weeks ago Paolo will be able to play in the World Cup.)

Yesterday we posted a video where it could be seen the renown player practicing in a beach in Brazil with one of his coaches in the Flamingo Club. It seems like going to the World Cup is an extremely important commitment for Paolo and he wants to be in perfect shape for it.

Do you think Paolo’s son will be a football player when he grows up?

(Source: Instagram)
(Cover Photo Instagram)


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