Worldwide Independent Network: Peru Is One Of The Happiest Countries In The World


The last study performed by Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) determined that Peru has one of the highest happiness rates in the world during 2018.

“There is no doubt that in our country there are reasons to be happy. Whether for food, our beautiful beaches or the legacy of our ancestors, Peruvians live proud of the land in which we were born”, Perú 21 said.

According to the report, the global net happiness rate reaches 52%, while in Peru the figure rises to 70%. The country is only behind Ghana (78%), Indonesia (76%), India (72%), Paraguay (72%) and Thailand (71%).

Meanwhile, the country with the lowest value in relation to the net happiness index is Palestine, registering 24%. They are followed by Japan (30%), Greece (33%) and South Africa (34%).

In comparison with previous years, the net happiness index has registered a decrease in Peru. In 2016, the figure reached 57%, while for last year it has dropped by five points.

The study also revealed that women are slightly happier than men.

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