111 More Sacrificed Children’s Remains Were Found In Peru


A new excavation developed in northern Peru by a research team, funded by the National Geographic Society, found the remains of 111 children sacrificed in the pre-Columbian era by the Chimú culture.

These findings add up to the recent discovery of 56 skeletons of sacrificed children during the same period in an area of 800 m2, in the Pampa La Cruz sector, in the district of Huanchaco, province of Trujillo; and the skeletal remains of more than 140 children and 200 young llamas that were also discovered in the Las Llamas sector in Huanchaquito.

Peruvian archaeologist Feren Castillo told ABC that the newest discovery took place in the northern region of La Libertad. To him and his team of experts, this sacrifice was made by the pre-Columbian Chimú civilization between 1,400 and 1,450 AD, and the children were between 6 and 15 years old. The llamas were between a year and a year and a half old.

“The discovery has once again put the city of Trujillo, capital of La Libertad, in the focus of Peruvian archeology and the Ministry of Culture, so that its minister, Patricia Balbuena, has personally gone today to learn about these new findings”, said ABC.

In addition to the skeletal remains, the team of archaeologists revealed a new huaca that they have named Mound One.

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