More Than 15 Million Women Celebrate Their Day Today in Peru


The average lifespan of Peruvian women is of 78 years, 6 more than men in the country.

Today the International Women’s Day is commemorated all over the world and therefore, the National Institute of Statistics and Computing (INEI) announced that there are 15 million 887 thousand women in Peru.

“This date is important because we celebrate the achievements of Peruvian women at an economic, social, political and cultural level, who contribute to the country’s development”, said INEI in a press release.

According to the place of residence, in the urban part of the country there are 12 million 515 thousand women, representing 78.8% of the national total; and in the rural area, the number is of 3 million 372 thousand, that is, 21.2%.

Also, this institute informed that as a result of the expansion of health services, access to education and, in general, advances in people’s health issues, the life expectancy at birth of the Peruvian population has increased. In the case of women, the increase was 6 years between the five-year period 1995-2000 and 2015-2020, which means that Peruvian women’s average lifespan is of 78 years.

On the other hand, men have an average lifespan in Peru of 72 years, 6 years less than women, according to information from INEI.

Also, by 2017 29% of women aged 25 and over had higher education studies. Compared to numbers from 2010, the proportion of women who finish studies at a university has increased by 3.4%.

(Source: INEI Press Release)
(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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