3 Great Seasonal Hikes Near Lima


Winter anywhere can be a bit of a drag. In Lima, cold mornings, endless fog and 100% humidity cause most of us to hunker down and hibernate on the weekends, but these three hikes near Lima will have you wanting to do the opposite.

If you are looking to stay active and visit Lima’s surrounding areas, below are 3 great hikes that will keep you warm all season.

1. Lomas de Lachay

Lomas de Lachay is a beautiful desert oasis located 104 km north of  Lima. It is host to over 146 different types of plants and several animals that include, foxes, owls, falcons and vizcachas (small desert rodents). Rolling fog from the ocean is what brings this oasis to life, although the weather is quite pleasant, with an average of 19C/65F.

(Photo: Jose Nunura, Eat Up Food Tours)

The Trails

Once you’ve arrived to the trailhead, take one of the three trails. The longest takes up to 2 hours and is ideal for appreciating the eerie mist and natural beauty of the reserve. It is a great way to spend the day and get a breath of fresh air.

How To Get To Lachay

To get to Lachay, you have two choices: a 2 hour drive or 3 hour bus ride. If you are opting to take a bus, Z Bus is a good option, as they have a terminal in Rimac, near Central Lima. The bus will drop you off at the entrance of Lomas de Lachay, but, you must keep in mind that you will have to walk 7 km from the entrance to the marked trails. If you are not up for the walk, your best bet is to hitch a ride from other visitors driving in.

When to Visit: June – Late October

Entrance Fees:

S/. 5.00: Children
S/. 11.00: Peruvian Nationals
S/. 30.00: Foreigners

2. Lomas de Lúcumo

If you are looking for a similar environment to Lomas de Lachay, but closer to the city and with a more challenging terrain, Lomas de Lúcumo is the right choice for you.

(Photo: Jose Nunura, Eat Up Food Tours)

The Trails

The park offers a 5 km long hiking trail (which takes around 4 hours), trails for mountain biking and even opportunities for rock climbing. Lúcumo does not possess as much biodiversity as Lachay, but it is the last place in Lima to see the annual flowering of the amancae, an event that inspired singers like Chabuca Granda and poets like Pablo Neruda.

How To Get To Lúcumo

Getting to Lúcumo is quite easy. It’s a few kilometers south of the archeological site Pachacamac and, if you are opting to take public transport instead of driving, you can get there in 3 easy steps:

  1. You must first make it to the junction of Av. Manuel Valle and Av. Antigua Panamericana Sur in Lurin, known as the entrance to the Pachacamac district.
  2. From there, take a taxi or mototaxi to the Plaza de Armas of Pachacamac.
  3. Once you arrive at the plaza, once again take a taxi or mototaxi to Quebrada Verde, the neighborhood where the trails to the park begin.

When to Visit: June – Late October

Entrance Fees:

S/. 4.50: Children
S/. 8.00: Adults
S/. 4.50: Adults over 60

*Guides are also available for hire at the park entrance.

3. San Jeronimo de Surco

San Jeronimo de Surco is not a place many people have heard of, but this small town offers trails to three different cataratas (waterfalls) in the area. It is located 85 km away from Lima, about a 2.5 hour drive.

(Photo: Jose Nunura, Eat Up Food Tours)

The Waterfalls

Catarata Huanano

The easy trek to Huanano will only take you 30 minutes and is a great warm-up for the next 2     waterfalls.

Catarata Palakala

The hike up to Palakala is about 5 km long and will take you about 3 hours to get up to the     waterfall.

Catarata Mortero

To get to the trailhead of Mortero, you will need to pass San Jeronimo de Surco by about 2 km     until you arrive to Puente Habich, which is located at KM. 69 of the Careterra Central. Soon after you begin the hike, you will pass by the town of Ayas, where you can stock up on any necessary provisions.

How To Get To San Jeronimo

You can drive or take public transport to San Jeronimo. To get there, you first make your way to Chosica, where you can take buses from Echenique Park.

When to Visit: June – November

Entrance Fees:

S/. 2.00 Per Person for Huanano or Palakala

*There is no entrance fee to visit Catarata Mortero.

Cover Art: Pixabay



José Nunura is a Peruvian chef with restaurant management experience in both the United States and Peru. Late in his culinary career, he discovered a passion for traveling and decided to found his own company: Eat Up Food Tours, a travel agency dedicated to culinary tourism in Peru.