70% Of Fine Arts Graduates Make A Living From Their Careers


70% of the graduates of the National Autonomous School of Fine Arts of Peru (Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Perú, Ensabap) works on “some practice very close to or linked to what they studied”, according to Marcelo Zevallos Rimondi, deputy director of research and library of that institution.

Zevallos also assured that currently, Peruvian artists have found a niche of development and job growth, as you can read in El Peruano.

“From artistic education to ventures that they themselves generate. These initiatives are very diverse, from music, fashion, costume design, jewelry, to audiovisual work and even tattoo”, said Zevallos to the media.

The specialist also added that for a long time it was believed that art was a long-term career and that it was necessary to build a reputation to begin to succeed, but now there are many spaces where artists can be renowned.

For instance, he recognizes many personal brands that graduates have created themselves. “Since 2010, we have worked with the students on the profile of the researcher and the profile of the manager, with which they learn to generate their own workspaces”, he commented.

Some of these brands include skirt-manufacturing, paintings, and print-making.

“We believe that initiatives like these are what allow them to be inserted in the market. The School of Fine Arts is recognized in the world because its students have managed to mix that avant-garde need to create something new without forgetting to rescue the roots of our particular cultures, developing significant aesthetic languages ”, said Zeballos.

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