An End To Violence Against Women And Girls


In Peru, femicides that take place within the family represent the vast majority of cases. Nevertheless, the country is aligned with the tools the United Nations has determined to fight this situation.

Each day, 137 women are killed by their intimate partner or a family member, according to the World Study on Homicide launched yesterday, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”, said El Peruano, adding that this fight can save lives.

Many countries have changed their laws and policies to fight impunity for these crimes – even denying the possibility of evading criminal responsibility by justifying violence with “passion”, “violent emotion”, “honor” or “provocation”.

According to the aforementioned media, to reduce impunity, the criminal justice system must maintain a victim-centric approach, instead of considering women as mere objects of protection and sources of evidence.

Some of the tools the United Nations have made available to the police, judiciary and prosecution are the “Essential services package for women and girls suffering violence” and the “Latin American model protocol for the investigation of violent deaths of women due to gender”.

The best way to do justice and ensure the right of women and girls to a life without abuse is based on (i) knowing the nature of violence and its roots in inequality between men and women, (ii) understanding the factors of vulnerability of victims and (iii) applying the law responsibly and effectively”, the media said.

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