Peru Declares As “State Priority” The Fight Against Women Violence


The President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, declared as a “national interest and priority of the State” the fight against women violence and announced that an emergency commission will be formed to face the problem, said El Desconcierto on Sunday.

This decision comes after the death of Eyvi Ágreda, a young woman who was burned by a man on a bus last April in Lima, who recently passed away after several surgeries.

“Eyvi’s femicide must lead us to the deep conviction that these events should not happen again, for which it is necessary to change the cultural patterns that justify these situations. Violence against women has no justification,” emphasized Vizcarra, according to El Desconcierto.

Vizcarra explained to the media that the emergency committee will be chaired by the prime minister and will be made up of the ministers of the sectors involved in the issue.

The objective is for the commission to develop a work plan for the implementation of a Public Policy that provides protection, prevention and care in cases of violence against women, allocating the necessary resources.

In addition to this, Vizcarra announced that all police stations in the country will be on permanent alert so that they can “receive complaints and apply the corresponding protection measures in safeguarding the life and integrity of women”, he said.

Another measure includes the creation of a program called “Men for equality” that seeks to ensure that all men in the country access necessary information that allows them to develop respectful and egalitarian relations with women.

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