Barranco Beer Company Launches Its Line Of Canned Craft Beers


This Thursday, January 31, Barranco Beer Company will launch its first line of canned craft beers, the first ones of their style in Peru.

Barranco Beer Company is a bar-brewery that has been opened in Lima since 2013. It is a place they describe as a bar where beer lovers can taste a variety of styles of their own creation, accompanied by classic and innovative dishes and where they can observe the process of beer-making from the bar.

For anyone who might be interested in doing something fun this Thursday in Barranco, the bar cordially invites everyone to visit and enjoy purple corn pizza, ham and cheese croqueños and the seasonal craft beers available.

Currently, Barranco Beer Company offers six flagship beers, as well as some specials and seasonal options. They have no affiliation with any other beer companies, meaning all of the beer on the menu is theirs and theirs alone. In the past six years, they have expanded to the point where their beer is stocked in Cusco and at some commercial locales.

(Source: Barranco Beer Company)
(Cover Photo: Barranco Beer Company)

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