Bi-oceanic Train Will Join Ports in Brazil and Peru


The railway project will go through Bolivia and will go from port Ilo in Peru to port Santos in Brazil.

The project for the construction of a bi-oceanic train that will join ports in Brazil and Peru and will go through Bolivia awakened a “large interest” in Spanish companies, said Gestión.

This project is driven by Bolivian president, Evo Morales’ government, who informed the Spanish companies yesterday about the details of this construction.

The “Corredor Ferroviario Bioceánico de Integración”, or “Integral Bioceanic Railway Corridor” in English hopes to join Peruvian port Ilo with the Brazilian port Santos. In order to do so, the railways need to pass through Bolivia.

“Besides Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru, also Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina will benefit from the construction of a railway branch from Bolivian territory towards a dockland in Paraguayan soil, linked to the waterway of the rivers Paraguay-Paraná”, Gestión said.

Apart from the Spanish companies that have shown interest in participating in this project, enterprises from Germany, Switzerland, and China also expressed their interest in being part of it and have started conversations with the Bolivian Executive power.

Already 40 Spanish companies have participated simultaneously in an informative meeting in La Paz, Bolivia, and Madrid, Spain, organized by the Institute of Foreign Trade of Spain (ICEX) and the Commercial Office in Bolivia, said Enrique Ojeda, Spanish Ambassador, according to Gestión.

Spain has a lot of experience in the railway field, nationally and internationally.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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