Cajamarca’s Coffee Shipments Reported Growth In The First Semester Of 2018


US$54 millions. These are the earnings for Cajamarca region in the first semester of the current year, because coffee’s exportation.

Although Cajamarca is, historically, the third largest coffee producer in Peru (after San Martín and Junín regions), its shipments reported consecutive growth between January and June of this year. It’s now leading the national production of the grain.

Compared to the same span last year (with earnings around US$ 38 millions), Cajamarca’s production grew 41% in the beginning of 2018. The annoucement was made by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) last Monday.

Similarly, Mincetur highlighted the figures in the volume rank. Cajamarca also lead the regional lists: in the first part of this year, the zone sent abroad 22,757 tons of coffee (+43% compared to 2017).

Peru’s northern region lived a good semester and increased its production every month. The numbers according to Mincetur brief: +24% in January (US$ 20 millions); +148% in February (US$ 11 millions); +51% in March (US$ 5 millions); +48% in April (US$ 3 millions); +33% in May (US$ 4 millions); and +17% in June (US$ 12 millions).

Cajamarca is not the only region in a positive ecomomic streak. Lambayeque -third exporting region- (+29%) and Amazonas -sixth in the ranking- (+8%) also stood out in these six months.

Nationwide, authorities showed off good numbers for the industry in general. Peruvian coffee exports summed up US$ 135 millions. Meanwhile, the volume exported increased by 6 percent, to reach 52,470 tons.

However, there are some bad news, as Mincetur reported decreases in the export of coffee by Jungle, Central and Southern Regions.


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