Discover “Peruvian Coffee Route” In Villa Rica Town


Villa Rica, also known as “the land of the finest coffee in the world”, has been recovered, including the construction of new buildings, to continue receiving around 22.000 tourists per year.

The invitation is to discover the agro-tourism heritage in the town, located in the Paso region, in the Central Jungle of Peru.

“Peruvian Coffee Route” (Ruta del Café de Perú in Spanish) lets foreigners and national visitors understand the coffee production chain: starting with the plantations, some ancestral secrets, equipment, its evolution and finishing with the experience of drinking a warm cup of coffee. The “Center of Interpretation of Coffee” will be opened in Villa Rica to offer a complete guide, and lead more projects to push up the industry.

Besides, local farms, mostly property of native families, are ready to offer tours and show the daily work in the Agricola process with centuries of tradition in the country. In any place of the town, participants can taste candy, desserts, drinks, liquors, chocolates and more products with coffee as its main ingredient.

Next stage in the planning is to recuperate “Plaza de Armas”, an iconic square with a sculpture that shows a yánesha man, and complete the tour’s trail with visits to the Botanic Garden, El Oconal Lake, and beautiful waterfalls surrounded by plantations. The estimated projection is that more than 330.000 annual visitors will visit Villa Rica in 2025.

The road from Lima to Villa Rica is 364 kilometers (226, 17 miles) long. An adventure full of jungle, the taste of coffee and many stories to share.


(Cover photo Clarin)

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