Can Peru Remove Venezuela’s President’s Invitation to Summit of the Americas?


Several benches of the Peruvian congress rejected Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, presence in the upcoming Summit of the Americas that will take place in Lima between April 12 and 14.

The Venezuelan chancellery announced last Tuesday that Maduro will be assisting to the VIII Summit of the Americas, but representatives of the Fuerza Popular, Peruanos por el Kambio, Partido Aprista, and Acción Popular parties manifested their rejection to this visit.

These parties also informed that they are getting a motion ready to declare Maduro as a persona non grata in Peru.

On the other hand, president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said on Wednesday that his Venezuelan counterpart is invited to the summit and is welcome to the country, but that “we will see how the Venezuelans in Peru receive him”, he said, according to El Comercio.

Ex-chancellor Eduardo Ferrero Costa indicated that it is impossible to deny Maduro’s entry to the country, and therefore his assistance to the Summit of the Americas because every chief of State of every American country has been invited, as well as Venezuela’s president like it was supposed to happen.

“In any case, being Nicolás Maduro here, the countries present at the summit can promote a sentence against his regime and reiterate the criticisms that have already been made,” Ferrero proposes, says El Comercio.

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