CAPATUR Organizes Día del Pisco Sour 2018 in Balneario de Paracas


About 6,000 tourists are expected to enjoy Pisco Sour Day this year in the celebration of this national drink.

The President of the Tourism and Foreign Affairs Chamber of Paracas (CAPATUR), Eduardo Jáuregui announced that on February 3 the celebrations of Pisco Sour Day will be taking place. The goal of this festivity is to strengthen the origins of this national drink.

Jáuregui also pointed out that the day previous to this event the Queen of Pisco Sour will be chosen among eight contestants, who will then head the celebrations and honor this special beverage.

Among other activities to take place during this day is the tread of the grape and typical dances from this region, where the beauty of the Iqueña woman will stand out, informed the President of CAPATUR.

The Day of Pisco Sour will take place in the El Cóndor hotel in Paracas, next to the sea. This celebration will also include in the following day the traditional Pasacalle in the Paracas bathing place where people will enjoy of the Caballos de Paso and Estampas Costumbristas.

“Also, there will be Pisco Sour contests organized in all of the hotels and restaurant of the area of Paracas and Pisco”, said Jáuregui, who also explained that all of the activities will be led by the new Queen of Pisco.

If you want to try out this drink then this is your best chance because all of the hotels and restaurants will be offering it for free to the public, an estimated of six thousand visitors, according to CAPATUR.

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(Source CAPATUR)
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