The Chinchero Airport’s construction will begin very soon, says MTC


The Director of the Transport and Communications Ministry (MTC), Bruno Giuffra, gives details about the construction of the Chinchero Airport in an interview with El Comercio.

Giuffra spoke with El Comercio about the credibility the Peruvian government has lost and what they’re doing to regain it from the investors in projects such as the Chinchero Airport.

“I believe there is a great opportunity to regain trust, related to what we can deliver as a government in terms of results and success”, The MTC Director said to El Comercio today.

He adds that “regrettably it wasn’t possible to reach an agreement with the Kuntur Wasi consortium. There was a lack of faith regarding the handing over in advance of the lands, that we had agreed as a previous step to the agreement”.

According to him, the day that the lands were going to be handed over, the consortium made it look as if it was a State’s usurpation, denying to pass them over to them.

Giuffra also says that, no matter what is believed and what has happened, “the airport will be built anyway, and very soon we’ll begin construction”.

The MTC spokesman explains that on January 13 the contract with Kuntur Wasi expired and that the Ciadi (International Center for Settling Differences Related to Investments) will determine how much money has to be reimbursed.

This year, the Congress approved a budget of 250 million dollars in favor of the Ministry of Transport and Communications for the start of the technical studies of the various components and for preparation of land.

This airport is an essential part of the plan to decentralize Peruvian economy and look for better ways to approach different parts of the country, as well as reduce the logistic costs enterprises incur when carrying out economic activities.

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