Contemporary Ayacucho Painting and Sculpture Inaugurated In El Peruano Headquarters


On Monday, the varied sample of Contemporary Ayacucho Painting and Sculpture was inaugurated in the graphic museum of the Official Gazette El Peruano.

Erika Morote Gross, the curator of the Contemporary Ayacucho Painting and Sculpture exhibition, assured that being a native of Huamanga and its surroundings draws her to the art world.

“Manolo Morote, one of the four artists selected for this exhibition, told El Peruano that while the Ayacucho music is known for its sad tone, in the painting it happens differently”, wrote the aforementioned media.

This artist also explained that the selected pieces aim to represent in some way the feel of the Ayacuchan.

“For example, there are several canvases that portray the traditional landscapes of Huamanga or the towns of the region, as well as rural areas. The parties, the religious customs and the flora and fauna of the place also have a space in this exhibition in the works of Robert Torre Malpartida and Manolo Morote”, the media explained.

Another theme that does not escape is the memory of the years of violence. Collages of oils and fabrics represent this period in the works that Ezequiel Wari Zárate Gutiérrez has brought for the occasion.

Finally, people can enjoy the sculptures by Ángel Morote. “The most striking is one that represents a guitar, which is a very dear instrument in Ayacucho”, El Peruano said.

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