Expo Patenta Presented 140 Inventions This Year


Expo Patenta 2018 presents a total of 140 inventions and industrial designs, the largest fair in Peru dedicated to patents and creations that seeks to stimulate and recognize the creativity of Peruvian inventors.

Ivo Gagliuffi, president of the directive council of Indecopi, said that the objectives of the fair are many, but the most important one hs to do with the inventors in Peru having a space available every year to be able to exhibit their creations.

Expo Patenta is also meant to be a space for inventors to meet each other and for potential investors to identify products with economic potential.

“This fair is the final activity of the inventions and industrial design national contest that has been taking place for 20 years”, Andina News Agency explained.

Indecopi evaluates which of these inventions can be patented, according to Mauricio Osorio, sub-director of patent promotion in this organization.

This year inventions for every sector of the economy can be seen. It took place at the Plaza Norte Shopping Center until last Sunday.

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