Exportations in Peru Grew 13% in January 2018


The main destination for Peruvian products was China, United States of America, South Korea, Japan, and Spain.

On January of this year, the total volume of exportations in Peru increased by 13% when compared to the same month of 2017, informed yesterday the National Institute of Statistics and Computing (INEI).

This increase is due to greater shipments of Peru’s traditional products, by 12.8%, and non-traditional products, by 13.5%, according to INEI, who prepared this information along the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT).

“The largest export of traditional products from the mining (16.8%), agriculture (7.2%), oil and natural gas (32.6%) sectors contributed to this result; however, the export of products from the fishing sector decreased (-95.3%).”, INEI explained in the report.

Among the non-traditional products, the largest shipments were those from the metal-mechanic (29.8%), agricultural (19.3%), fishing (17.1%), textile (14.7%) and chemical (11.8%) sectors.

INEI also informed that the main countries of destination of Peru’s exports were China (24.8%), United States of America (18.1%), South Korea (7.6%), Japan (6.3%) and Spain (4, 2%) of the total value exported.

As for imported goods, the sum increased in 7.5% during this period. INEI explained that the reason is related to the increase in the purchase of consumer goods, raw materials, and intermediate products, as well as capital goods, and construction materials.

(Source INEI Press Release)
(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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