FIFPro Requested FIFA An Urgent Meeting To Evaluate Paolo Guerrero’s Ban From World Cup


The International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPro) backed up Peruvian soccer player Paolo Guerrero for considering the FIFA sanction of 14 months to be “disproportionate and unfair”.

Paolo Guerrero was waiting on FIFA’s decision about his doping charges and they finally announced that the striker would be banned from playing for 14 months, which leaves him out of the World Cup 2018.

“FIFPro calls an urgent meeting with FIFA after the player Paolo Guerrero was suspended for 14 months for accidentally ingesting a prohibited substance, which prevented him from representing Peru in the World Cup,” says FIFPro in a press release, according to El Comercio.

The International Federation of Professional Footballers believes that the decision was out of proportions because there was no intention to cheat.

Guerrero had consumed coca tea, which is a common and legal beverage in many places in South America to fight height sickness. It is very different from cocaine, as you can read in El Universo.

At the end of their statement, FIFPro requested that “FIFA and other interested parties of soccer immediately review how to change the anti-doping rules in football”, wrote El Comercio.

Pedro Fida, the lawyer in charge of carrying the defense of Paolo Guerrero, and biochemist Luiz Carlos Cameron said to El Universo on November last year that “the use of cocaine is ruled out” after doing the necessary tests, and that “the metabolite found in the urine of the Peruvian player is coca leaf”.

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