Gilbert Violeta: “It Is Likely That PPK’s Declarations Are Imprecise”


Congressman for the Peruanos por el Kambio (PpK) party, Gilbert Violeta, told Gestión that it is very likely that President Pedro Pablo Zuczynski’s (PPK) declarations about his relations with Odebrecht are imprecise.

“There could be some imprecisions in some of the President’s declarations, it is very likely to happen”, said Violeta in an interview in RPP TV.

However, he mentioned that the underlying issue is to establish whether or not PPK has committed an imputable crime as a bribe, gift or influence peddling that justifies his departure from office, as reported in Gestión.

Violeta added also that there are no proofs yet that demonstrate that crimes have taken place. “There is talk of representation of interests and influences, is there a crime in that?”, he wonders.

The congressman also asked not to continue with speculations regarding this matter but to debate positions in “legal terms”. In his opinion if this doesn’t take place then it would be just arbitrary for the Congress to remove President Kuczynski using any possible argument.

He also emphasized that until now there aren’t any proven crimes.

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