Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s Presidency at Risk


A consensus is generating in the Peruvian Congress to approve a future presidential vacancy because of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s (PPK) link to the Odebrecht scandal, says La República.

So far 89 votes in Congress have shown to be in favor of the motion to remove the President because of his links to the Odebrecht case. Nevertheless, the President of the Ministerial Council, Mercedes Aráoz, says that “it is very clear” that PPK did not commit any acts of corruption, but still Congress is taking action to approve the presidential vacancy.

La República also explains that the Fuerza Popular party is most likely to support this motion if it has to do with corruption cases related to the President. Frente Amplio will also meet with the New Perú party to achieve an agreement regarding this topic.

Even so this motion will leave out the pardon given to Ex-President Alberto Fujimori. It is one of the conditions that the Fuerza Popular party has given in order to support the presidential vacancy.

On the other hand, Acción Popular will also hold a meeting today to expose their motives for believing that Kuczynski should be removed from office, whom they believe to have “moral disability”, according to information from La República.

Another party that has joined the motion is Alianza Para El Progreso, and with this, a total of 89 votes add up in the hopes of achieving the presidential vacancy for PPK.

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