Huacas Represent Peru In The Biennial of Architecture of Venice


A total of 447 huacas of the city of Lima are claimed by Peru as spaces of identity in the XVI Biennial of Architecture of Venice, which opened its doors on May 26.

Huacas is a Quechua term that designates a sacred place, and in the context of this event “the huacas of Lima functioned as an axis of connection between the cultural traditions of the north, which are more sculptural, and the cultural traditions of the south, which are more pictorial”.

The pavilion that represents Peru in the Biennial of Architecture of Venice is titled “En Reserva” and it is led by the architect Marianela Castro De la Borda and the team formed by Janeth del Carmen Boza Rodríguez, Javier Lizarzaburu Montani, Gabriel Lapouble Barrios and Carlos Toshio Pardo Tanamachi, said Gestión.

It consists on a sample that claims the huacas of Lima -such as San Roque de Garagay, Cerro Segundo B or Chavarria- as millenary spaces of identity and civic memory, that have survived the passage of time and that should not be forgotten because they are fundamental places to understand the current world.

The pavilion consists of a large wall that represents the city of Lima and in which each huaca is marked with a knot”, Gestión wrote on Thursday. These knots connect Lima with its past to claim that the archaeological heritage is an indisputable part of the current urban fabric.

The proposal to represent Peru in this edition of the Venice Architecture Biennial was chosen among more than 40 projects in a national contest, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, Roger Valencia, said Efe, according to Gestión.

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