Mining and Hydrocarbons Grow 3.62%, Fishing Falls in November

Garzweiler Brown Coal Open Pit Mining

According to the INEI, the fishing sector was harmed by fewer days of effective anchovy fishing

The National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) reported that, in November 2017, the Mining and Hydrocarbons sector increased by 3.62%, supported by the higher production of the metallic mining subsector (4.96%). Meanwhile, the activity of the hydrocarbon subsector was reduced 3.80%.

The Fisheries sector also fell by 45.6% due to the lower catch of species for indirect human consumption of maritime origin (-98.52%). This was due to fewer days of effective anchovy fishing: only four days recorded in November versus 16 days during the previous period.

On the other hand, the INEI noted that fishing for direct human consumption increased by 11.45% due to the greater availability of species destined for consumption in the fresh state (9.3%), frozen (16.6%) and cured (68.3%); while the landing of species for canning production decreased (-33.2%).

Total exports increased by 18.64% due to higher shipments of traditional (25.16%) and non-traditional (3.66%) products, compared to the same month of the previous year.

Do you think these sectors will continue to grow in 2018?

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Source: El Comercio

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