More Than 20 Graves Found In The Túcume Archaeological Complex


At least 24 human burials dating from the Inca Empire were found by specialists in the Túcume Archaeological Complex, according to the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, said Telesur yesterday.

The Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Culture, Luis Villacorta, said that the discovery reflects the importance of this area for the Tahuantinsuyo empire and adds to the nine graves that were unearthed in the same area in 2017.

“The research work will continue in the laboratories, where textile conservators and specialist scientists will begin the work of data interpretation,” the Villacorta said.

It is believed that these graves are more than 500 years old. They are located southwest of the complex and were found thanks to the research, conservation and restoration projects carried out by specialists in the area.

“The reconstruction activities were ordered by the Ministry of Culture after the damage caused by the phenomenon ‘El Niño’ and will be executed until 2022”, wrote Telesur.

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