Museum Exposition With Returned Jewels Opens In Peru


The Ministry of Culture inaugurated the exhibition “Prehispanic metals of Peru: Our thousand-year heritage, now at home”, which consists of 12 pieces of high goldsmithing that were repatriated in recent years.

Most of these pieces belong to the Moche culture, and some of them are a Sicán mask, recovered recently from Germany after almost two decades of a judicial process, and a headdress that combines marine elements and objects.

“From yesterday (Tuesday), 12 repatriated pieces integrate the sample ‘Prehispanic Metals of Peru: Our ancient inheritance, now at home’, in the Ministry of Culture”, informed El Peruano.

Other repatriated pieces are a peanut fountain of gold (part of a necklace) and a rattle of the “degollador” character of the Moche culture.

Leslie Urteaga, of the General Directorate of Defense of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, explained that the exhibition is an opportunity to get closer to Peru’s history. However, it is important that the same citizenship sums up and carries out actions to protect and defend the heritage, the aforementioned media said.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia)

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