India Holds Peruvian Exhibit In National Museum


The National Museum of India inaugurated a few days ago the exhibition “Peru’s Fabulous Treasures”, organized by the Peruvian Embassy in this country.

El Comercio informed that this exhibit holds “the most precious cultural treasures of this millennial country”, and the people can enjoy the information in Hindi and English that describe replicas of ceramics, videos, reproductions of the main ornaments of Sipán and some original pieces that this museum has preserved for decades.

“This exhibition is complemented by the presentation of artistic expressions of our cultural miscegenation, such as a series of reproductions of colonial art”, the aforementioned media said, adding that this is the first archaeological-historical exhibition carried out by a Latin American country in the Far East.

India and Peru have recently increased their commercial relations and the Asian country is currently the second one in this region with which more goods are exchanged, after China.

The National Museum of India is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Asia. Its museum collections host around 200,000 works and its corridors receive an average of 2,000 visitors each day”, El Comercio said.

In addition, the exhibition on Peru has awakened great expectations in the Asian country.

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