New Ancient Skeleton Findings From The Moche Civilization In Peru


New archaeological findings made at the Ucupe site in the north-western Peruvian region of Lambayeque include several skeletons believed to have been part of the elite group of the ancient Moche civilization, dating back to 600 or 700 AD.

“According to local media, they were found in ceremonial chambers along with offerings, weapons and various artifacts”, Daily Star explained on Tuesday.

This expedition took place thanks to members of the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan, who believe that one of the graves may have belonged to a military leader because of the weapons found with his remains.

Another grave contained the skeletons of a woman and a child with copper ornaments and ceramic urns.

“The first urn had the design of a leader on a throne, the other had the image of a snail and the third depicted an erotic act”, the aforementioned media said.

A third grave had the skeleton of a man, who is believed to be the eldest of the group.

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