New President Of The Judicial Power Elected In Peru


The Supreme Court chose judge José Luis Lecaros as President of the Judicial Branch of Peru on Thursday after the resignation in July of Duberlí Rodríguez for being accused of corruption.

At that moment, Víctor Prado Saldarriaga was chosen to lead this branch.

“José Luis Lecaros was elected by the Plenary Chamber with six votes in favor”, Telesur said. The other four votes went to judge Elvira Barrio who also opted for the position.

Lecaros said that he will work efficiently to fight corruption within the justice body from January 2019 to 2020.

“I promise the country that I will put all my effort and my 50 years of experience in the service of the State in order to be able to offer the citizens an efficient, transparent justice service totally away from corruption,” he told the media.

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