Odebrecht Used Peruvian Partners as Intermediaries


Marcelo Odebrecht says that his company contributed to political campaigns in Peru through several politicians in the country.

The published statements of Odebrecht’s Ex-President, Marcelo Odebrecht, ratify that his construction company, Odebrecht, contributed to the political campaigns for Alan García and Keiko Fujimori. “I’m certain that we supported everyone. Toledo, Alan García, Humala, Keiko”, he said.

This is what Odebrecht said in Curitiba, Brazil on November 9, 2017. Nevertheless, he has indicated recently, as La República explains, that one of the modalities to deliver the contributions to the political campaigns was through their Peruvian associates because they were the ones in contact with the politicians.

The companies that were supposedly in contact with Odebrecht to deliver the contributions were: Graña y Montero, Ingenieros Civiles y Contratistas Generales S.A. (ICCGSA), and JJ Camet Contratistas Generales, according to the Special Team of the Public Ministry.

After Marcelo Odebrecht statements were published in the press, García and Fujimori have rejected them publicly, claiming that they are part of a smear campaign from the media.

Odebrecht also explained the methods used to secure construction contracts with the government, such as payments for consulting, hiring family members of the politicians, and financing alleged charitable activities.

It seems that this doesn’t end here. Odebrecht, according to La República, told the prosecutor that interrogated him, José Domingo Pérez, that Jorge Barata wasn’t the only Brazilian official involved in the agreements done “under the table” with Peruvian politicians.

“This is only an aperitif of what’s about to come after the Peruvian prosecutors question the rest of the witnesses”, says La República.

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