Peru And Colombia Will End Commercial Rice Impasse


The commercial conflict between Peru and Colombia is practically in its final stretch after several months of sanctions and restrictions by both countries, according to Gestión.

“The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), Rogers Valencia, recalled that the trade dispute began two months ago when Peru received a ruling from the Andean Community (CAN) to authorize the setting of a tax compensation (tariffs) to ten Colombian products”, the media said.

During his presentation before the Congress Budget Committee, he explained that the Peruvian authorities repeatedly called on the then Minister of Foreign Trade of Colombia but did not receive a response.

“When the minister was going to leave the post, we decided to impose the tariffs because when there is no ability to communicate, then we must work in a legal way,” he said.

In addition, minister Valencia announced that the authorities of both countries have agreed on a protocol through which tariffs in Peru will be lowered to the 10 Colombian products on the day that the first shipment of Peruvian rice leaves for the Colombian market.

“We are waiting for the contracts to be made and the first shipment to depart”, said Valencia. “Technically all the issues have been resolved, we have an access protocol, we have a proposal from Colombia and we are ready to start the shipments,” he added.

Valencia expects that the commercial issue will be resolved “in the coming weeks”.

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