Peru Determines The Route For The Bi-Oceanic Train


The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) has carried out a study to determine which route is the most efficient for Peru to join the Central Bi-oceanic Railway Corridor (CFBC) that will unite Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Peru.

“Of the three options studied, the most profitable estimated an investment of $7,548 million US dollars for the Peruvian side, said Carlos Lozada, general director of Roads and Railroads of the MTC”, said El Comercio yesterday.

This route in Peru will consist of 450 kilometers of construction, more than 180 bridges to be installed and 40 kilometers of tunnels. “The other two options estimated an investment of $7,771 million US dollars and $9,896 million US dollars”, explained El Comercio.

The bi-oceanic train project will have a total extension of 3,755 km and will transfer 10 million tons of goods per year. Not only will this train allow the transport between nations, but it will also strengthen the mobilization of Bolivian cargo through the port of Ilo.

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