Bi-oceanic Train And Sanitation Of Lake Titicaca Will Be Addressed In Ministerial Cabinet between Bolivia and Peru


The project of the bi-oceanic train and the sanitation of Lake Titicaca will be two of the issues to be addressed at the IV Meeting of the Binational Ministerial Cabinet today between the presidents of Bolivia, Evo Morales, and Peru, Martín Vizcarra, in the Bolivian city of Cobija.

“The Bolivian Foreign Ministry highlighted four areas of work for this meeting, the first of them the environment and transboundary water resources”, explained Andina News Agency.

Both countries are also working on the sanitation of Lake Titicaca, which is located between these two nations.

a“The bi-oceanic railway is one of the flagship projects in this field”, the news agency said. It will link the ports of Santos in Brazil and Ilo in Peru through Bolivia, a country where work is already underway on a stretch of some 150 kilometers from the total of 3,755 planned.

The investment for the bi-oceanic railway is of approximately $14,000 million US dollars and will also link the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, which is why it is also known as the 21st century Panama Canal.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia)

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