Peru Displaces the United States and Canada in Global Blueberry Export


Peru’s blueberry exportations have reached a new record by entering the Chinese market and becoming one of the main exporters of this product, informed the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) to Gestión.

Last year blueberry exportations to China added up to $34 million dollars, which translates into about 4 thousand tons of product. This makes Peru the second largest provider of the fruit after Chile.

This boom in blueberry sales is due to the increase of national production and the subscription to China’s phytosanitary protocol to be able to export fresh fruit to this country, which took place at the end of 2016.

Between January and December 2017 the total of blueberry exportations in Peru added up to $361 million dollars, which means a 50% increase, comparing to 2016. This makes Peru the third largest blueberry exporter in the world with 12% of participation, right behind Chile with 24%, Spain with 13% and above Canada and the United States, with 10% each.

The region that is currently producing more blueberries for exportation in Peru in La Libertad, registering a 15% growth and achieving 48% of participation in the exporting market of this fruit.

Other regions with important participation are Lima (19%), Ica (14%), and Lambayeque (6%).

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