Peru Is Producing 2 Animated Series


Two animated children’s series made entirely in Peru will mark a milestone in Peruvian TV under two titles “Ciudad Jardín” and “Martina y Rigoberto o filosofía de recreo”.

IPe Channel is in charge of premiering these productions very soon, said Andina News Agency.

“Ciudad Jardín” is produced in 2D and consists of 26 episodes in its first season. It will air on July 9 and will narrate the adventures of Pipo, Vivi, Tato, Lila and Mimi, names that represent animals classified as vulnerable species in Latin America.

As for “Martina y Rigoberto o filosofía de recreo”, the first series in Peru to use stop motion, it will show two schoolchildren who meet every day at recess time to philosophise on various topics like love, happiness, politics, life and so on.

Through the characters and various situations, the series seeks to stimulate creativity and innovation in children, using a simple and entertaining language showing concepts such as renewable energy, community work, recycling, improvement among others”, you can read in Andina.

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