Children Receive Technological Formation In School To Serve Their Communities


Children from several public and private schools in Peru are benefiting from an educational science program that will help them as professionals in the near future when technology is more present in the everyday life.

“The training of the students is in charge of United Technologies for Kids (UTK), a non-profit organization that executes the project of STEM Labs (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) to promote the teaching of science and technology in schools in developing countries”, said Andina News Agency.

This project was created from an idea of a Peruvian student of Economics at the University of Michigan and winner of the OptiMize Social Innovation Challenge, Guiliana Huerta-Mercado.

Volunteer groups of students from Michigan and also from the University of Berkeley travel to teach and advise students in the first part of the training workshop that lasts three years, explained Andina.

The second part of the project is in charge of Peruvian engineering students from the Catholic, National Engineering, Technology and Engineering universities, San Martín de Porres and Universidad de Piura.

This program has been ongoing for three years and students from 18 different schools in the cities of Lima, Ica, Arequipa, and Puno have benefited from it.

The goal is for them to learn to use technology in projects that have a social impact in their communities, to solve the problems they see in their environment,” Huerta-Mercado told this media.

Some of the projects that have been developed include a solar panel lighting system for a community in the sierra, and a drip irrigation system for an arid area in Arequipa.

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