Peru Is the Only Country That Increased Copper Production in 2017


Peru showed a 1.7% growth in copper production, compared to 2016.

During 2017 Peru was consolidated as the only country of the five largest copper producers in the world that increased its levels of this mineral production in the year, informed the Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM).

According to the report Mineral Commodity Summaries 2018, the United States Geological Service (USGS) said that in spite of the global decrease of copper production in 2017, Peru showed a 1.7% growth, compared to 2016.

“If compared to 2015 the growth was of 40.5%”, El Peruano informed and also added that the production of this metal surpassed Chile’s, who registered a downfall for two years in a row.

El Peruano also says that Peru positioned itself as the second largest global copper, zinc, and silver producer, while in Latin America it maintains the first place in gold, zinc, and lead.

Of the 19.7 million metric tons of copper produced globally in 2017, 12% came from Perú”, according to information from El Peruano. “This is what allowed the country to position itself as the second largest global producer of this mineral”, they said.

As for gold exportation, the country reached 7.979 million dollars by the end of 2017, which allowed this precious metal to reach the position as the second most exported product in Peru. This information was taken from the National Society of Mining, Petroleum, and Energy (SNMPE).

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