Peru Launches Peru’s First FIFA Girls Academy


Last week, the Peruvian Soccer Federation (FPF) launched the FIFA Girls Academy project as an initiative to discover and develop the most talented players in the country.

According to Ghana Soccernet, the goal is to have these girls eventually representing the national team in the sports.

“The CONMEBOL Development Leagues is where the 1,955 players between the ages of 11 and 16”, the website said.

This project will involve the creation of centers to be opened in Lima, Trujillo, Cusco and Arequipa, with 160 players that will join the academy and train twice a week for nine months, and a total of two age groups will be available U-14 and U-16.

“We’re very happy to announce the launch of this first academy in Peru, which also coincides with new coaching staff joining the national teams,” said Patricia Gonzalez, Women’s Soccer Technical Development Manager at FIFA, cited by Ghana Soccernet.

“This will allow for consistency in approach across age groups, meaning that the players will receive the best preparation with future competitive internationals in mind,” she added, saying also that the academy will provide players with the requisite resources for their complete development.

According to Gonzalez, there are only six countries in the world that are carrying out the Girls Academy project and Peru will be the representative in South America.

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