Peru Seeks For Blueberry Buyers To Also Buy Raspberries


According to Felipe Rosas, a spokesperson for the Rconsulting Group, the same customers who currently buy Peruvian blueberries would be interested in acquiring the raspberries produced in Peru.

All the companies that import blueberries from Peru are going to want Peruvian raspberries. The people who buy blueberries buy blackberries in Mexico, strawberries in Spain, and fresh raspberry in Peru. They can make a basket with the different products so that consumers can compare them; it’s something consumers like a lot,” he stated, according to Fresh Plaza.

Rosas also says that this is a good business opportunity for Peru since worldwide production stands at 600 tons of raspberries because there is a high demand for the product in its fresh presentation.

In addition, he told the media that the Jorge Chávez airport in Lima is an important asset for the business since it is five hours away from Miami and 10 hours from England, which guarantees the freshness of the fruit.

“To take advantage of this possibility, he said, the country needs to improve its connectivity and mobilize small producers to make use of the Peruvian highlands, with the support from the Government and in association with the private sector, as this territory is where there is the most poverty in the country”, Fresh Plaza said.

(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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