Peruvian Police Install Food And Water Stations For Stray Animals


Several police stations in Peru have created food and water dispensers for stray and abandoned animals in the country, in an attempt to keep track of animal abuse and provide them with meals.

“Animal abuse is a matter of concern in Peru, as at times shards of glass or metals, thought to be deliberately added to cause fatal injuries, have been found in the piles of food that these abandoned animals feed on, according to a report by Newsner”, said Inspired.

The first dispensers were installed in October 2017 and since then, many more have been set up across the country. “Not long ago, another police station in Monsefú District in Northern Peru stepped forward to assemble the food dispensers for the street animals”, Inspired informed.

Through their Twitter account, the National Police of Peru encourages people to install similar dispensers for strays.

(Cover Photo Twitter)

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