Tomorrow The National Police In Peru Celebrates 30 Years Of Activity


Tomorrow, December 6, the National Police in Peru (Policía Nacional del Perú) celebrates the 30th anniversary of the unification of the three security forces of the State that originated this force.

In 1988, when the country was submerged in a terrorist crisis, the Guardia Civil (Civil Guard), the Guardia Republicana (Republican Guard), and the Policía de Investigaciones (Investigation Police) united to form the National Police in Peru.

“The unification had positive aspects that made police work more effective and efficient, such as having a single budget, a single training school, training courses for all personnel and coordinated work, among the multiple tasks performed by the Police”, explained El Peruano.

On this date, tribute is paid to the hundreds of police officers that were killed during the past 30 years and to the “thousands of good policemen who go out every day to patrol the streets, exposing their lives and leaving behind their families worried about their physical integrity”, according to El Peruano.

This media also remembers the members of the Explosives Deactivation Unit who so far have deactivated more than 12,000 explosive devices planted throughout the country, and also the fight against violence on women.


The challenges facing the National Police today are enormous: drug trafficking, delinquency, terrorist outbreaks, and so on”, El Peruano said. “Their task is arduous and they will not fulfill it without the support of all Peruvians”, they continued.

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