Police Handle Extortion Or intimidation Hypothesis For Explosions In Clinic


The head of the Lima Regional Police, general Gastón Rodríguez, said that they handle the hypothesis that the explosions that occurred this morning at the Ricardo Palma clinic in San Isidro, could be the result of an act of extortion or intimidation.

The reason for this hypothesis is due to the amount of alleged explosive, which seems to be minimal compared to a supposed attack.

“The head of the Lima Police Region explained that one of the reasons that could rule out the motive of an attack is the absence of any message to claim what happened, as often happens in this kind of events. He also mentioned that they are working with security cameras to locate those responsible”, you can read in RPP Noticias.

As for the type of explosive used, it has not been yet determined because the rupture of a water pipe altered the scene. Vestiges of backpacks and a bulletproof vest were found and are believed to have been used in the attack by the perpetrator to protect himself.

“The Police, through the Unit of Extortions and Kidnappings of the Dirincri, suspects that the two people seriously injured could be related to the facts. Medical staff reported that both received the explosive wave in the anterior part of the body: chest, neck and face”, RPP Noticias explained.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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