35 Injured So Far After Explosion In Clinic In Lima


Yesterday an attack at the Ricardo Palma clinic in Lima caused an explosion which has resulted in 35 injured people so far.

The chief of the Lima police, Gastón Rodríguez, reported that the attack was caused by a man who left explosives in two backpacks; one was placed in the laboratory door and the other in the clinic parking lot, according to information from RT.

Rodríguez explained that for this fact, personnel of the Division of Kidnapping of the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation (Dinincri) handles “the hypothesis of extortion or intimidation” because the amount of alleged explosive found is minimal “compared to an alleged attack”, the media said.

Also, the information suggested that the person responsible for the attack turned out to be the most seriously wounded and is being treated in the same clinic.

“He wore a bulletproof vest, which could mean that he was the author of the act,” said Rodríguez, quoted by El Comercio.

“The other person seriously injured was a woman, who the police presume is an accomplice of the person responsible for the attack”, wrote RT.

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